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A global community of independent consultants and industry experts who deliver high-value and high-impact projects for leading clients.


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Elevate your career through our engaging platform that provides the best job opportunities based on your qualifications, skills and aspirations

Work with the best

Leverage our curated network of Fortune 1000 clients, leading private equity firms, public sector enterprises and consulting firms who are looking for top talent to solve their strategic challenges.

Choose region defining projects

Engage in region defining projects that matches your skillsets and capabilities. Our platform provides consultants chance to choose projects such as commercial due diligence, GTM strategy, startup fundraising and more

Access to Middle East Networks

Gain exclusive access to our extensive Middle East network, fostering valuable connections within vibrant communities while tapping into a wealth of specialized knowledge to drive your career forward

Flexible work arrangement

StrategyConnect gives you the freedom to work on your own terms. You can set your own rates, choose your own hours, and work from anywhere.

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that match your experience, skills, and expectation .

Teams on-demand

StrategyConnect disruptively builds an on-demand workforce from our pool of talented experts and consultants. We execute high-impact projects for clients in the Middle East and beyond.

Industry Experts on call

StrategyConnect provide a diverse team of consultants, including industry experts, to address client-defined problem statements...

Service Packages

Our service package offerings comprehensively covers large institutions’ as well as early stage ventures' and startups...

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Joining StrategyConnect is easy and free. Here are the steps to become a StrategyConnect consultant

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We are excited to announce that we have introduced a new feature on our platform that allows you to directly chat with clients. This means you can now easily communicate with them, address their queries, and provide real-time support. We believe that these new additions will greatly improve your interactions with clients and keep you well-informed

Frequently asked questions

What kind of organizations use StrategyConnect?

We have worked with government agencies, corporates, startups, private equity and consulting firms looking to augment their workforce and fill in a temporary expertise gap across various industries and geographies.

How does StrategyConnect ensure quality of the service delivered?
How does StrategyConnect ensure confidentiality when handling sensitive client data?
How should I proceed if I am unclear about the project scope for which I want to engage with StrategyConnect?
How long does it take before a project starts?
How are consultants chosen for a project?
Can consultants/experts work on site?
How will StrategyConnect engage with me post the project has kicked off?
What if the scope changes during the project?
How and when is the payment settled?
What payment methods are accepted at StrategyConnect?
What happens if I am not satisfied with a consultant's work even after regular feedback calls?

StrategyConnect deploys specialized talent on demand. We are one of the largest networks of independent consultants and industry experts driving the adoption of flexible workforce in the Middle East.


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All rights reserved. (c) StrategyConnect 2023.

StrategyConnect deploys specialized talent on demand. We are one of the largest networks of independent consultants and industry experts driving the adoption of flexible workforce in the Middle East.

All rights reserved. (c) StrategyConnect 2023.