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Empowering Early Childhood Development Initiatives for a Brighter Future in UAE

Knowledge exchange model, PMO, Operationalising, Global initiative

Client Background

Abu Dhabi-based government entity working in child development and wellbeing space. 

Delivery Team
  • 4 strategy consultants with 8+ years of experience. 
  • 3 Event and Marcom experts with 10+ years of experience 
  • 30+ industry experts leveraged on-demand. 



14 months



Strategize and launch a global movement focused on early childhood development with a multi-generational impact.  



Phase 1: Building the direction and strategic foundation of the initiative:

  • Conceptualized and designed the strategy, structure, implementation and resource planning under the guidance of the authority 
  • For this, conducted workshops with the authority, interviewed 50+ global experts and lead 10+ brainstorming sessions with the core team.

Phase 2: Operationalising the initiative:

  • In view of the pandemic, created a refreshed approach for operationalizing the movement. Defined and laid out key success factors and key outputs in terms of impact created. Worked upon key components, potential partners and milestones of the initiative. 
  • Addressed uncertainty around the pandemic, by reimagining the launch with multiple scenarios, such as a physical event, a virtual event, or a postponed physical event. Each scenario was thoughtfully planned in the operationalization process.
  • Developed a collaboration model to engage experts across 25 different countries to lead the knowledge management and agenda for the initiative.  

Phase 3: PMO for delivering the initiative: 

  • Content management: Ran workshops to agree on the themes with the authority and the Leadership. Narrowed down the themes from over 150 topics to 3 topics. Curated input material with a comprehensive fact-book for the working group.  
  • Expert Panel: Recruiting and managing experts for the knowledge management of the agreed themes: Conducted over 100 screening calls. Developed evaluation matrix for the selection of the experts. Established optimal multidisciplinary group structures.  
  • Finding, onboarding and managing multiple vendors: These included collaboration with branding agencies, design thinking companies, and PR agency etc. Established detailed matrix of technical and commercial evaluation.  
  • Developed a marketing strategy for the initiative: Established the choice of channel to be leveraged, created a cascading schedule of releases to promote the movement, campaign development and coordination with the PR agency. 
  • Developed a partnership strategy for the initiative: Created a shortlist of all possible partners across the knowledge and sponsorship partners. Created a customized pitch and collaterals for all prospective partners. 
  • Event management: Coordinated with the event management partner, created agenda and supporting presentations, activities and sessions for the event under the initiative. 



  • Successfully operationalized global movement mobilizing 50+ global stakeholders towards a single common cause
  • 110+ knowledge management Team Meetings, 35+ Cross- Knowledge management team Sessions, 60+ Formal Stakeholder Interviews Conducted, 10+ Knowledge Transfer Sessions
  • Deployed a diverse team of independent consultants across the globe to carry out a seamless execution, ensuring alignment, agility, and cost efficiencies

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All rights reserved. (c) StrategyConnect 2023.

StrategyConnect deploys specialized talent on demand. We are one of the largest networks of independent consultants and industry experts driving the adoption of flexible workforce in the Middle East.

All rights reserved. (c) StrategyConnect 2023.